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dasShiny is the Nintendo DS emulator part of the Higan multi platform emulator. Higan was earlier known as bsnes, but was renamed to avoid the confusion that arising from the SNES in the name - many people thought that it emulated only SuperNES, when in reality it now emulates Nintendo classic 8-bit NES roms, Super Nintendo smc files, black and white GAME BOY, GameBoy Color, Gameboy Advance / GBA SP / micro and the dasShiny core can play Nintendo DS games in a NDS rom format.

Download Higan DS v092-64bit : dasShiny
Download Higan DS v092-32bit : dasShiny


  • Game rom compatibility.

    the games you can expect to play at full speed.

  • dasShiny Users Guide.

    how to set up the emulator and where to download the games.

  • DS BIOS download.

    places to download the nds bios for bsnes.



  • No Cash GBA for NDS and GBA multiplayer emulation.

    posted on 12.10.2012 by John

    Download the Latest Version of NO$GBA Emulator
    The NO$GBA for a long time was considered to be the best emulator for the DSi and NDS games. It boasts of near-perfect compatibility and very high speed for a wide collection of games.

    Hands down, the NO$GBA is the best emulator there is. It can play a variety of games when other NDS emulators aren’t able to play them at all. Perhaps the only issue with the NO$GBA is the slight garbled sound that has been attributed to the synching problems and unsolved errors with the audio. There is also no Auto Save option which means that users will need to do it manually but that’s about it. Everything is all good.

    The controls and configuration for the NO$GBA are easy and there is a solid technical support that can be obtained from the NO$GBA community.

  • Work in progress all the time...

    posted on 17.06.2012 by John

    The icon that will be used for the Higan DS Emulator has not been finalized, but most likely it will feature the kanji character for higan and maybe something shiney in it too.